At long last, Google has released its own iPhone maps app to compete against. showing you the steps needed to get somewhere via transit has been updated as well. Under the old Maps app, you were limited to either looking at the.

Jan 24, 2011  · Q: Google Maps bug after update After the most recent update to my iphone, the stock Google Maps app is almost unusable. doing either a 2 finger zoom-in or just simply scrolling across the map sets off any number of buttons, including switching from ‘directions’ to ‘search’, or switching from driving to bus or walking.

The iPhone does neat stuff with your Mac, but Windows users aren’t prevented from doing anything important. When Apple dropped Google Maps in favor of its own mapping. and Apple promises they’ll return in a software update this.

Google has unveiled the first big update of its Google Maps for iPhone app, adding several new features to the stand-alone mapping app that Google introduced last December to work with Apple’s latest iOS 6 mobile operating system.

The Google Maps app was available from late Wednesday for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. Google said the free app has been designed from the ground up [and] optimized for the iPhone 5. Apple, which had shipped Google’s mapping application.replaced it with its own mapping September.

Sep 23, 2016  · iOS 10.0.2 Update Released with Bug Fixes for iPhone & iPad

But voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation is included in the new Google Maps app, which is available on iPhone and iPod Touch. "We make tens of thousands of daily updates to keep Google Maps accurate," said Graf. Apple’s map.

Google has updated its Maps for iOS 10 app with a host of new features and improvements, the company announced. Among the changes included in the new version (4.23.0) are widgets designed to work with Apple’s new operating system, and a feature that lists details about places that users visit.

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This allows them to fine-tune their services and improve the accuracy of features such as traffic status updates. Among the facilities Google’s iPhone app lacks that are present in its Android equivalent are indoor maps, the ability to.

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Here’s the best of what’s new: Maps. Apple, as you may have noticed, has been quietly dismantling its relationship with Google. download an update to an app you already have. Hosannah. In the end, iOS 6 is to software what the.

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Last night Google Maps 2.0 was released for iOS, which bring an improved mapping experience plus also an iPad version. We previously told you about the undocumented trick on how to cache maps for offline use, which is.

Apple rolled out iOS 11.2.1 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. for India’, the search giant has now announced Go version of its popular Maps. Google is calling it the Google Maps Go. The ‘Go’ version of the Google.

Jan 24, 2011  · Q: Google Maps bug after update After the most recent update to my iphone, the stock Google Maps app is almost unusable. doing either a 2 finger zoom-in or just simply scrolling across the map sets off any number of buttons, including switching from ‘directions’ to ‘search’, or switching from driving to bus or walking.

The operating system, which runs on its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, will no longer include Google Maps software. Apple will instead. drawing concerns from some privacy campaigners. Apple’s updated iOS software is.

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Click to viewThe iPhone got its expected firmware upgrade, delivering version 1.1.3 that we’ve seen and debated about before. It delivers new features like the ability to send SMS messages to multiple recipients at once, faux-GPS on.

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Turn-by-Turn Google Maps on iPhone Steer Google, TomTom, Garmin to Dead End [Update] One of Android’s biggest strengths, free turn-by-turn navigation, is coming to the iPhone. Update: We’ve had an official denial from Google–looks like.

Maps might not be updated with construction areas, for example, and location tracking can be laggy. How many times have you spun around on a street corner.

The new iPhone 2.2 firmware has been released to the development community, and has thrown up some interesting new features. Of most interest is the Street View function being added to the Google Maps line up. the full firmware.

Google has updated Maps to decide the best possible route for its users based on traffic jams to avoid delays. Google, in a blog post announced the latest update for Android and iOS. “Luckily, Google Maps can help you find the most ideal route to your destination with the least delays.

Here are ten tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Google Maps on iPhone and. Google lets you save maps to be. users to add hardware updates on.

We’ll update this article once we know when and under what. Therefore, you’ll want to whip out your iPhone and use Apple Maps or Google Maps to get.

This will surely be a disappointment for iPhone owners, who are regular users of the Google Maps application. We’ll update you if we hear more regarding this matter. Let us know your thoughts on the news.

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MOUNTAIN VIEW — To the relief of iPhone. director of Google Maps for mobile — to play up the quality of it Maps.

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Dec 12, 2012  · Google Maps now available for iPhone. and my one more advice is that please do update google earth maps in ipad.

Alphabet’s Inc Google on Thursday launched a new real-time location sharing feature for its users. The new update will be available. the location on Android, iPhone, mobile web and desktop. "Location sharing on Google Maps is rolling.

The Google Maps team is prepping a small but useful update to its app that will give you more detailed guidance when you’re traveling by public transit – giving you a.

Keep in mind that Google Maps only saves offline maps for up to 30 days. After that, they are wiped off your app. If you need the maps for a longer period of time, you can update the map by going into “My Places,” then selecting “View all and manage.”

Google Maps’ new offline mode feature is rolling out on Android today, the company says, and coming soon to iOS. Google also recently.

The hardware, in case you were wondering, is – in this case, though I do mix it up.

Google revealed more details about Android O, for which the developer preview is already out. It is also announced.

Google continues to enhance the iOS version of its Google Maps app, which has recently been updated to 4.12. The free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users also includes Apple Watch support. The latest update adds a significant feature: real-time spoken traffic alerts in navigation mode.