When New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan was in charge of the Catholic Church’s Milwaukee operations, he moved an enormous pot of the church’s cash — $57 million — into a trust fund for cemetery maintenance. Though the.

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the highest ranking Catholic. what you might call the theological reasons for laughter,” Dolan said in his opening remarks he later posted on his blog. “Why would a person of faith be cheerful? Why is a.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you pull up to your local thrift store, pop open the trunk, hand the attendant two or three garbage bags full of donated.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – The late Dorothy Day was lauded by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, in a recent blog about New Evangelization. Cardinal Dolan, who attended the Synod of Bishops on New Evangelization in.

Witness is an interview show that presents men and women who are making a difference in both big and small ways in their communities.

Yesterday, Deadspin published a report about how Vox Media and SB Nation profit off of unpaid and underpaid workers. With names and other identifying information.

There was once a day when the only way to communicate was to write a real letter, physically talk to a person or dial a telephone. When you got on the bus in the.

It’s the passion of the Chris. Timothy Cardinal Dolan said Monday that statues of Christopher Columbus should stay standing — to remind us of the.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan is coming under fire for agreeing to serve as grand. The statements were posted on Pope’s blog on the Archdiocese of Washington’s website but were subsequently removed, BuzzFeed reports.

Today on Conversation with Cardinal Dolan, Father Dave Dwyer and I talk about the Christmas Midnight Mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the triumph of light over.

NEW YORK — Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York defended his decision to. to deliver humorous speeches and trade jokes in a civil manner. In his blog post, Cardinal Dolan drew readers’ attention to a new initiative of the Knights of.

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A one-two punch that will not only limit government’s ability to help those in need, but also hamper the vital work that nonprofits do

Mar 02, 2012  · Author Stephen Prothero gives his list for the 12 most influential Catholics in America.

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York has accepted an invitation. Kerry, a Catholic, supported abortion rights. Two weeks ago, Cardinal Dolan wrote on his blog in response to those critics: “It’s better to invite than to ignore, more.

Here is my homily for the First Sunday of Advent, December 3, 2017. Thanks for listening!

Archbishop Timothy Dolan has had it with the Catholic-bashing New York Times. The church leader — known for his easygoing demeanor — has taken to his blog to blast the paper for “gushing” reviews it gave to an art exhibit that.

Cardinal Timothy F. Dolan is challenging claims that during his time as archbishop. Jerome Listecki, writing in a.

Fans of the Dolan Twins won’t want to miss their first ever TV interview!

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan has denied allegations. removed from his position until 2009. Dolan dismissed accusations that the transferred funds were related to sex abuse charges, and released a statement on his blog yesterday that they.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York. Mahony has indicated in postings on his blog and Twitter accounts that he will participate in the papal election. The Los Angeles Archdiocese this month released thousands of.

Pope Benedict XVI on Monday named Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who has led the archdiocese of Milwaukee. with gusto. Winters, who writes a blog at America magazine, a Jesuit weekly, and was among those who predicted.

A new endorsement in an Italian newspaper is bringing the rumors that New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan could.

NEW YORK — New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says he’s worried that the next step in the marriage debate will be.

Calhoun was Cuomo’s acting commissioner of the Department of Transportation and counts as former bosses state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, then-U.S. Sen. Hillary.

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The Catholic Church has found itself “outmarketed” in its opposition to same-sex marriage contending with Hollywood and caricatured as homophobic, according to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York. The TV-savvy Dolan has just ended a.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan is quick with a quip and. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner over the president’s views on gay marriage and abortion last October, Dolan took to his blog to reply. “If I only sat down with people who agreed with.

Timothy Michael Dolan (born February 6, 1950) is an American cardinal prelate of the Catholic Church. Appointed by Pope Benedict XVI, Dolan serves as the tenth and.

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A little over a decade ago, St. Louis auxiliary Bishop Timothy Dolan welcomed a priest from Baltimore. Call him Stan (Not Always the Man) Musial.” Dolan took to his blog, responding that Musial was “one of the best baseball players.