The Post delights in finding Police Academy cadet, Joel Witriol, and devotes a cover story to the NYPD’s first Hasidic cop. What’s interesting is that Witriol, a 24 year old from Williamsburg who studied at United Talmudical Seminary,

Sep 25, 2017. How we react to the world around us speaks volumes about us, but also about our history. Do we fight or do we flee? Do we hide and cower and pretend or do we acknowledge and make a plan? Jeremy Brown, an ER physician and researcher at NIH also keeps a Talmud blog. He shared that in the Talmud.

May 2, 2016. Vidas, Forthcoming 2016. “Inventing Rabbis” in Jewish Origins, ed. Frederick Greenspahn. Forthcoming, 2016. “What is Bavli: A Response,” The Talmud Blog, March 29, 2015 5517f70b6f634. “'In the West, they laughed at him:' The Babylonian.

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There were also a few talks on Talmud and one on God. The night ended with a piano recital. In a survey of religious beliefs and practices among Jewish Israelis, 46% defined themselves as secular, but only 16% said they did not.

Satanic Verses Of The Jewish Talmud. Talmud Articles, Judaism Articles, Why I Left Judaism, Satanic Verses Of The Jewish Talmud, Jews Are NOT The "Chosen People",

Jun 16, 2012. Alan Turing, the patron saint of computer science, was born 100 years ago this week (June 23). I'll be attending the Turing Centenary Conference at University of Cambridge this week, and am honored to be giving an invited talk on “The Utility of the Turing Test”. The Turing Test was Alan Turing's proposal.

Aug 14, 2013. David Weiss Halivni's The Formation of the Babylonian Talmud, originally published in Hebrew and here translated by Jeffrey L. Rubenstein, is widely regarded as the most comprehensive scholarly examination of the processes of composition and editing of the Babylonian Talmud.Halivni presents the.

He translated the Babylonian Talmud from ancient Hebrew and Aramaic into Modern. through a world of danger and blessings—in his words, lions and angels. RABBI ADIN STEINSALTZ: We are living in a world we really don’t know.

[019:054] Also mention in the Book (the story of) Isma’il: He was (strictly) true to what he promised صادق الوعد, and he was an apostle (and.

Jun 16, 2007. Simon's essay complements a post in the Thinking about Canon series. Under the heading “A Dual Dynamic," I draw out the sense of passages in the Talmud which report rabbinic authorization of the work of the translator Aquila. Simon has many excellent posts on his blog. Check it out. June 16, 2007 |.

Midrashic Insights Into Teaching Melton. Rabbi Michael Wolk. I have been privileged to teach the Rhythms of Jewish Living class for two years and one of my favorite parts has been introducing students to texts like the Talmud that have been an important part. Read More.

Gil Ofer Student (born August 8, 1972) is the Book Editor of the Orthodox Union's Jewish Action magazine, and former Managing Editor of OU Press, and an Orthodox Jewish blogger who writes about the interface between different facets of Judaism, specifically Orthodox Judaism and Modern Orthodox Judaism. He is an.

JERUSALEM (RNS) For some, the notion of delving into the Talmud in English for free with the click of a mouse was something they could only dream of. But now that dream is becoming a reality. On Tuesday (Feb. 7) Sefaria, a.

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Bibliography: Saadia Gaon, Commentary on the thirteen middot of R. Ishmael, published by Schechter in Bet Talmud, iv. 237 et seq., and in the Œuvres Complètes, ix.

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Books. Books for Kindle – a project of the Limud Society; Amazon Author · Worldcat Libraries. Articles. Apocalyptic Orthodox Judaism · Kavvanah in Jewish Prayer · Biblical Criticism · The Politics of Piety · Three Stages in the Development of Early Rabbinic Prayer · Early Jewish Prayer: the Case of the Shema` · Talmud and.

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Bringing ‘Daf Yomi’ to Life. And Vice Versa. In her new memoir ‘If All the Seas Were Ink,’ Ilana Kurshan recounts her time in Israel—one page of Talmud at a.

Oct 10, 2006. Talmudic scholars might argue that the Hebrew word appearing in Ruth 2:14 is “ בחמץ” or “b'chometz”, which, as anyone who has participated in a Passover seder will tell you, is the word for “grain”, or, more modernly, “leavened food,” not “ hummus.” As I am not a Talmudic scholar, I shall leave it unto them.

Sep 29, 2016. “Babylonian Talmud, Yoma 18b and Yevamot 37b: is this temporary marriage?” with Zvi Septimus, The Talmud. Blog, July 31, 2012. (link). “Thoughts on near eastern legal culture.” The Talmud Blog, September 19, 2011. (link). MEDIA. “ Shari'a and Islamic law: a primer.” Against the Grain, November 11,

For the first time, the Talmud, an ancient Jewish text just went fully digital. The Talmud, a body of religious civil and ceremonial law central to Rabbinic Judaism, takes nearly seven years to read in its entirety. The dense compendium.

ROCKVILLE, MD — Stanley Joseph Talmud, 74, passed away Wednesday, November 9, 2016. He was the husband of Paula Lyn (Goldberg) Talmud; they were married for 42 years. He was born in York, PA, a son of the late Louis and.

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Antique Mesopotamia,” The Talmud Blog public event, Jerusalem, May 15, 2014. Discussion of Augustine's Confessions for instructors of “Literature Humanities,” at Columbia. College, Columbia University, Feb. 6, 2013. Panelist, “ Methodological Considerations for the Study of the Babylonian Talmud in Light of. Syriac and.

For accuracy and clarification purposes, the Forum column on Feb. 17 — “Calvin Coolidge, Brian Williams and the unsigned political right” — cited Jesus as a Jew who lived by the Talmud and then goes on to refer to one of the.

Talmud definition, the collection of Jewish law and tradition consisting of the Mishnah and the Gemara and being either the edition produced in Palestine a.d. c400 or.

As a parent, that helps very little, but the Talmud has a collection of thoughts about how we parents raise our children. One is "What children say in the streets comes either from his father or his mother." How often do we point out words.

Bibliography: The manuscripts, editions, and translations have been discussed in the article. For an introduction to the Talmud the following works may be mentioned.

Also, some claim that eclipses are a bad omen of things to come. What is the Jewish perspective on eclipses?

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Basic information about Reform Judaism from the UAHC. Includes links to all Reform organizations.

Israel: The Israeli newscaster seems to find it a bit humorous as the Korean journalists try to discover the "real Talmud" and why many Jews have won Nobel prizes. "We don’t have any good school for Talmud in Korea," one of the.

The oral tradition that crystallized into the Talmud, the Midrashim and the Kabbalah is the only tool available to successfully decode the massive amount of legal, ethical and spiritual information that is embedded in the text. This.

Only in a context so distorted as this would it be possible to describe the Brotherhood, a group that is as Islamist as they come, as Zionists who follow the Talmud.

Editor's Note: This guest post was submitted by Judith Wolf Mandell, author of Sammy's Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It. She can be reached at [email protected] or through the book's website, www. No one knows what [Read more…] Talmud Torah.

Set in the spirited precincts of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, Footnote deals with the implacable rivalry between two scholars of the Talmud, the complex and sacred key text of the Jewish religious tradition. These competitive.

Apr 19, 2013. The Truth about the Talmud (Part 2). Do Jews Sodomize Children? by. James Scott Trimm. If you have not read part 1 of this series you should do so before reading part 2. talmud-. Lists of quotes and misquotes have been circulated, many of.

ISRAEL ALLOWS 700 TRUCKLOADS OF GOODS INTO GAZA by Elad Benari (Arutz Sheva News) Israeli authorities on Thursday opened the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza, allowing.

He bases that not only on the New Testament — whose history he distrusts to a fair extent — but on the Talmud, Judaism’s authoritative compilation of Bible commentary and rabbinic law, and later Jewish sages such as.

I ponder often the mystery of the Talmud never being cited by political thinkers today. After all, the scholars who wrote it were political wizards in navigating the treacherous governmental byways of their own time. They not only lived in.

Isn’t it racist to believe you’re special because you’re Jewish? How is that any different from the Nazi belief in the “superiority” of the Aryan race, for.

No sense fighting it. Just do it. Blog baby blog. So here I am. In this space I’ll hit the news of the day, the offbeat items that fall through the cracks, and ongoing topics such as property tax reform, the property insurance mess and South.

The Anti-Defamation League has harshly criticized an editor’s introduction to the first-ever Arabic translation of the Talmud for propagating age-old anti-Semitic concepts about Jews and Judaism, and called on the Jordanian.

Daf Yomi with Dr. Jesse Hefter. Sunday Evenings, 8 – 9 pm 10 sessions: Oct 22, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, Dec 3, 10, 17, Jan 7, 21. Come join us at Temple Emanuel as we continue to explore a cornerstone of our Jewish heritage – the Talmud. Each week, tens of thousands of Jews around the world study the same page of the.

Non-denominational Jewish studies school for adults open to people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.