Apparently the CEO of X-Products, manufacturer of various drum magazines, feels that gun ownership is a privilege not a right. He suggests some sort of inane.

(See this PubCo post and this PubCo post.) The testing-the waters provisions in the JOBS Act significantly relaxed “gun-jumping” restrictions by permitting an EGC, and any person acting on its behalf, to engage in pre-filing communications.

The TRW Low Maintenance Rifle or LMR was a proposed insurgency weapon designed by TRW Inc. (formerly Thompson Ramo Wooldridge) of the United States during the Vietnam War. The intent was to produce an easy-to-use and operate firearm which could be disseminated to insurgent forces supporting the United.

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A resurgence of the gun control movement. Sebastian: Now, I do believe that social media has greatly enhanced the ability of a small number of determined activists to intimidate traditional companies who dont really get social media. But in 2008, they did not have even a small number of determined activists. If you really.

Plus: The Trump Slump. By John Haughey February 21, 2018. Florida Gov. Rick Scott told CNN on Feb. 15 that "everything's on the table" this week as state legislators consider an array of options that could tighten gun control… The Gun Shots.

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Neither one of us has ever been interested in “green” gun lubes. None of the selling points have ever appealed to me. I don't plan on eating my gun lubes… intentionally. And I have always found the Teflon / Silicone based lubricants to be fantastic. Let me say it again…fantastic. Personally I find them so slippery that I DON'T.

He told me that two girls that I knew had brought in a gun to shoot me. I did not take this incident seriously and nothing happened to me. There was also a student, a.

He told me that two girls that I knew had brought in a gun to shoot me. I did not take this incident seriously and nothing happened to me. There was also a student, a.

She’s actually working with the gun manufacturers.” Shannon Watts. but dropped out when she became pregnant with her first son. She soon began writing a blog about motherhood and started her radio program. She later helped found.

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This reader's vintage sporterized Springfield rifle is in incredible condition. By Phil Bourjaily Yesterday at 7:57am. This reader's vintage sporterized Springfield rifle is in incredible condition… The SIG 716 DMR G2 rifle. The Gun Nuts.

The Firearm Blog Firearms not Politics. Brazil's INA submachine gun reloaded – Part 1. Mon, 19 Feb 2018 15:00:00 +0000. While still under the effect of the strong wake created by the flood of new, eye-catching SHOT 2018 products, this old scribe was somehow motivated to once again write on older, lesser-known stuff.

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. founded as an offshoot of the Fairchild Aircraft company, and working with aluminum was their specialty. This was a fairly novel material to the arms industry , and they were able to [.] Fosbery's Pump Shotgun: An AR15 Bolt in 1891. September 21, 2017 26 · A Unique Pre-WWI Custom Combination Gun. April 25, 2017 23.

Oct 2, 2017. The Firearm Blog made a list of their most reliable guns. Many think that reliability is by far the most important quality a gun can have.

A South Florida billionaire is vowing to halt donations to politicians unless they.

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Walker defended her book, claiming she understood how it felt to be physically maimed as she had been partially blinded as a child by her brother’s BB gun.

Another Gun Blog. “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.” Heller v. D.C. – June 26, 2008.

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Watched your vid about vthe number of guns to own on Firearm Blog and followed the vuurwaden blog over to hear. W.E.B. Griffin, the author,

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But since the point of gun control is to humiliate and grind down flyover people and demonstrate that the Ruling Class is ultimately the, well, Ruling Class — not to control crime — the appearance of submission is probably enough. Plus, a seldom enforced and often ignored law is ideal if you want to be able to target. is a community of Marlin Firearm Owners – Dedicated to discussing Marlin Firearms, Marlin Rifles and more. Pictures, help, discussions and more.

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May 9, 2017. Owens's body was discovered after he posted a message to Facebook, in which he wrote: “In the end, it turns out that I'm not strong."

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Roberts explains he assembled the gun at the company’s factory under supervision while working for The Firearm Blog and later purchased the pistol. He also asserts that TFB spiked covering the issue he found with the handgun. For their.

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which left 17 dead, students are planning mass walkouts to protest gun violence and call for more gun-safety measures. violation of school or district policy," the group wrote in a blog on its website. "Moreover, students with differing views.

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) often mentions Switzerland as an example.

The company will also no longer sell high-capacity magazines and will no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21 years old. In 2012, Dick’s temporarily banned assault-style rifles from its stores following another school shooting in Newtown,

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BOISE, Idaho – Officers with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) discovered a loaded firearm in the carry-on baggage of a passenger departing Boise.

Jun 19, 2017. The bulk of the states that respect the Second Amendment have strong pre- emption laws, and local municipalities cannot pass any firearms-based legislation which is stricter than the state-level legislation. For example, Miami Beach, whose resident population is largely hoplophobic, cannot pass a law.

Oct 25, 2017. The Firearm Blog and TFBTV have both become more and more focused on getting information out as quickly as possible to gather the traffic associated with being first to press. I, on the other hand, would much rather be a few months late but have a clear understanding of how a product performs once you.

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